Optus x OPPO Instore Activation

Optus Store Bondi Junction and Macquarie Park

  • Brand Activation
  • Digital Design
  • Gamification
  • User Experience
  • Instore Activation
  • Install/Bump Out

The Brief

Design an experience promoting the collaboration between Optus, OPPO and singer, Lorde. The experience needed to engage shoppers giving them the opportunity to win prizes which included a mobile handset, Lorde concert tickets and promotional giveaway items.

The Solution

We designed a large OPPO mobile handset using a large TV screen and a sensor button where the handset button would be. We then created a digital ‘spin-the-wheel’ game that invited users to step up, ‘unlock’ the phone and be in the running for some awesome prizes.

The Outcomes

With a backend built into our game, we we able to track how many users played the game. Between the two stores, we had 1178 users interact with the experience. Optus also invited a influencer during one of the weekends which helped draw a huge number of audience into the store resulting in a very successful collaboration for both Optus and OPPO




Prizes given away



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